This month we have two photographers showing for the first time.  Our first interview is with Drew Steinbrecher

1.  What type of photography gear do you use?

I mostly use my iPhone and several photo apps. I don't really worry about using the latest cameras. I like how portable it is... I can grab my phone and take a photo wherever I am.

If I want something more serious, I have an older digital camera that has a great lens. It's only 4 megapixels, but it does the job.

I'm not sure I'd know what to do with a digital SLR!

2.  When did your interest in vintage begin?

I've always shopped at thrift stores. At first for clothes when I was in high school. Then for furniture and accessories when I was in college and needed inexpensive furniture. I went to DAAP so I was exposed to mid-century design before the general public... I was able to score some great Danish modern and Eames pieces before other people were looking for them.

3.   How do you like to mesh your love of photography with your love of vintage?

I love the history of vintage items as well as their collectibility. Photographing old signage, for example, is another way for me to "collect".

Photography for me is almost exclusively about recording, remembering and/or collecting the subject. I very rarely think to myself, "that'd make a great photo." In the past when I have set out to make great photography, I almost always fail. It's very spontaneous for me.

4.   You have quite a great set of pictures on your flickr solely from your iPhone.  Do you use your phone more than your camera now?

Yes, I almost exclusively use my iPhone. (see above)

5.  Is there a vintage camera that you wish you could get your hands on?

I would LURVE to have a Polaroid SX-70... the kind that folds flat.

Come out and see what Drew has in store for everyone!  Saturday May 9th 6-9 pm at Arnold's Bar & Grill