Saturday, June 9, 2012

Five & Five with Emily Fultz

The charismatic daughter of our charismatic leader of the MWC, Emily answers some questions posed to her by her father, Bill Fultz.  She will be showing her work Saturday night at Arnold's.

1.  You've been interested in art all your life, what is your favorite form of art?

I am still trying to figure out my medium. I like tangible things like sculpture and ceramics, but right now what is speaking to me the most is photography. 

2.  Currently you are interning at the art gallery, Art Beyond Boundaries for college, what is it teaching you for your ultimate goal after you graduate?

I have learned a lot about what it takes to run a gallery. I have learned the appropriate ways to guide viewers through pictures. I have even learned the ins and outs of hanging work. The most valuable information, however, is learning that I am not wasting my time in college. I really have been having fun and I have learned how right of a fit the art world is for me. 

3.  You are about to enter your Junior year at Mt. Saint Joseph, besides majoring in Art History you are also majoring in Fine Arts with a concentration in photography.  Being that you were already an artsy photographer, how has what you learned in college impacted your work?

It has taught me a lot about craft, and being more careful with how you execute a desired message or aesthetic. Intention and composition should be married. They should act as one in the same for success. College has taught me not only the value of this, but also how to employ this idea.  

4.  What artists most influence your work?

This is a very tough question. I like a lot of artists, but I am not sure who influences me the most. I can say that many of the fantasy artists, like Alan Lee, influence the darker style that I seem to enjoy. The strong contrasts that I use have been influenced by artists like Caravaggio. Over all I can say the world I live in influences me the most though. 

5.  If you were granted one wish, what would you wish for?

If I had one wish I would wish to switch bodies with a boy for one day. I have some gender myths I want to break.  

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