Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Year, New Show Location

As some of you have already seen by our announcement on the Facebook page, we have secured a new place to show our work and get together at the Famous Neon’s Unplugged.  

It’s located just off Main Street at 208 E 12th in Over-The-Rhine.   There is a parking lot right next door and ½ a block away is a 7 story parking garage that has security.  They have one hell of a great selection of beer, tons of uniques.  Right now we’re not sure how many folks could show in one night but we are figuring between 4 and 6.  Our hang up method will be similar to how we did at Arnold’s.  What’s different about set up is we will not have to take down immediately, so your work can stay on display for up to a month, but remember Neon’s is not responsible for any damage that could occur to any displayed work, they are a bar after all.  The interior is similar to Arnold's; two stories, shotgun design.  The walls downstairs are brick, and upstairs they are brick on one side and wallpapered on the other.  We would be showing on both floors.  There’s also a huge courtyard and I’ll get to that later.
At this time neither Lisa nor I are up for having a monthly show, and we’ve yet to decide how we’re going to proceed, it could be every two months or three or even quarterly but no matter what we decide, there are some other cool options on the table for us.  First up, there is Final Friday, which is an art-driven event where all the galleries on Main open up for the evening, folks drink some tasty beverages and view the artwork, we could tag on to one of these evenings and members could feature their work at Neon's as part of the event.    Another opportunity available is 2nd Sundays on Main so that could turn out to be really awesome.  We can just put a sign up at Main pointing to Neon’s advertising“Photography show.”

Now for the courtyard, it’s flipping massive.  So massive that several of us could set up during a summer day/evening.  It’s surrounded by the walls of an old apartment building, and they are one story tall with random openings here and there.   
We plan on having a get together on Saturday May 4th, to show everyone around and so everyone can get a feel for the place; not to mention we miss hanging out with everyone.  Anyone in the group and their friends are invited and we will make an event on the group Facebook page with more details as it gets closer.

Once again, we want to express undying love and gratitude to Ronda Breeden and Chris, who for three years were so amazing to let us show at Arnold's!  And we would also like to thank Chris specifically, because he is the one who got us in contact with John Back, owner of Neon's and Neon's manager Jeremy Moore.  They are two really great guys and I think the shows at Neon's are going to be just as fantastic as they were at Arnold's~

Here's a link to their Facebook page and once again hope to see you all in May, we are really excited about the new shows and can't wait to get everyone's opinions and answer any other questions you may have.

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