Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Five & Five - Lisa Sullivan

For this interview, the tables are turned on me since I'm also showing my work this Saturday night at Arnold's.  I would like to thank fellow photographer Dan Justes for the entertaining questions!

1.  What gear do you use?

I started with the Canon Rebel Xsi, now I have the 60D; lenses 18-55, 28 mm, 50 1.4, 55-250 and the 60 mm macro lens plus my fun Lensbaby stuff.

2.  I know your dream is to ultimately own your own Diner and I know your photography is growing everyday. Do you intend on abandoning either one to pursue the other?  If not do you intend to incorporate them somehow?  

No way will I abandon either dream, (I will bake my cake and eat it too!) but the photography business is more realistic for me right now, a lot cheaper to start up and not as scary for failure.  About half of my income from photography after expenses goes to the diner fund.  And when I do open my diner, I am definitely planning on selling photographs right off the walls; not just mine but works of other local photographers in the area too.

3.  Do you have any tricks for when you get photographers block? 

The best thing to do when this happens is to get in the car and hit some back roads.  You can always find something interesting to shoot, especially when you don't plug in destinations for the GPS.

4.  Some photographers refuse to do HDR, others refuse to shoot babies and even others refuse to photograph people. What is your photography taboo?

I refuse to do weddings.  I have done three, but I was tricked, begged and in one case, bribed with a trip to Hawaii.  So basically, I refuse to do weddings on the mainland.  Seriously though, it's just way too much pressure and too much pressure takes the fun out of it for me...and no fun = no point.

5.  Will you make me a sandwich?

Sure.  How about a goetta grilled cheese?

Please come see some of my work this Saturday night at Arnold's Bar & Grill - and if you're interested in portrait work (everything but weddings) check out my website below:


  1. wonderful interview! always love your pictures too. looking forward to eating at the diner someday :)


  2. excellent!!!! Wish I could make it Saturday - I have to go to a wedding (as a guest, not the photog... I'm with you on that one!)

  3. That's my girl!

    Love, Mama

  4. "Bake my cake and eat it too" may be the worst line in the history of interviews.

    Of course, that's only until I'm interviewed.