Thursday, April 12, 2012

Five & Five - Liz Feldman

Tiny yet Mighty, Liz is our final Five & Five photographer leading up to the April MWC Show at Arnold's this Saturday night.  However, she was off jet-setting in faraway lands and did not get the five photographs to me in time for her interview.  So to punish her for not following my directions and having the audacity to have a life outside of sitting home on her computer at all times, I have added five completely random shots from my Flickr site.  Yet another reason to come out and see the show this weekend, we are just DYING of curiosity to see what Liz has in store for us.

1.  List your gear:

Nikon D90 and a mini-arsenal of cheap and not-so-cheap lenses.  Right now you'll most likely find me rocking a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 and a cheap wide angle or macro converter.

2.  You recently got married and honeymooned in Hawaii.  I assume you left your camera at home since that is not a very photogenic locale.

Of course.  It was incredibly difficult to take a bad picture.  I need to go back.

3.  Who are your photographer heroes?
   Richard Avedon, Jules Daffner, William Albert Allard and William Fultz.

4.  You're on a desert island.  You have your camera body.  You can only have one lens and one case of your favorite alcoholic beverage.

The lens I can't live without at the moment is my Nikkor 35mm f/1.8.
While I do adore the fine local brews of Cincinnati and Milwaukee, I think the best case for a desert island is Bell's Two Hearted Ale.

5.  Photography Bucket List!  List 5 people in the Reality TV industry that you would like to photograph.  

I don't watch much reality TV but I'd like to share a drink with and photograph these five 'celebrities':

   - Anthony Bourdain
   - Josh Rouse and/or Matthew Pryor (two of my indie music idols)
   - Billy Murray
   - Juliette Lewis
   - the cast of big bang theory


Directions to Arnold's

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  1. love the photos, tehc colors are so great]! congrats for that