Chuck Eilerman, a man who doesn't mince words but takes amazing photographs.  He will be showing this Saturday night at Arnold's.

1.  What type of camera and gear do you use?
       Nikon D90 with standard Nikkor 18-105mm lens

2.  How long has photography been a hobby of yours?
             Around 10 years. 

3.  The love you have for Covington really shows in your pictures -         do you have a favorite spot in town you like to shoot?

     Anything with Mother of God Church, a beautiful Renaissance       basilica design (which happens to be my parish).

4.  You are actually running for Covington City Commission - do you take your camera along with you while campaigning?

   I take it to events such as parades and festivals.     

5.  List 5 top things to see in Covington if you're a photographer - plus a great place to eat since the photographer will be there all day and might get hungry.